NEWSCREEN haze remover is a caustic paste that will remove most ink stains from polyester mesh. Available in single and 5 gallon containers.

WILLOSTRIP concentrater will make up to 50 gallons of liquid emulsion when one kilogram of powder is added to water.


Pressure Sensitive Films

For the best selection of high quality products at affordable prices, depend on RITRAMA DURAMARK. They specialize in pressure sensitive films that enhance your product performance and visual image for your screenprinting and digital applications.



Films and Emulsions

The AUTOSOL range of emulsions employ a unique direct diazo addition where no water is used that might thin the emulsion.

CAPILLEX films are well-known for their ease of use.


Squeegee Blades

When quality and reliability are paramount... insist on ULON Marathon urethane squeegees.


Biodegradable Cleaners

7050 SCREEN WASH This is water soluble, non-flammable, biodegradable liquid cleaning product formulated for removal of solvent, UV, and plastisol inks.

SC-19 and SC-5040 Press Wipes for respective Graphics and Textiles printing. For quick colour changes or quick cleanup and print continuation.

Emulsion removers.



Films & Emulsions & Mesh

PHOTOCURE PRO and PHOTOCURE SR emulsions provide superior resolution and definition for both the textile and graphics printer respectively. They are ideal for 4 color process printing, with their very fast exposure times.

MS-GRAPHIC FILMS offer a more flexible humidity resistant emulsion for greater durability, while still offering finer image reproduction. Comes in 15, 20, & 30 microns.