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   Two dryers in one footprint delivering the world’s highest production and energy efficient dryer.

It features:
• Burner and temperature controls for each layer.
• Vacuum hold down
• 15" Touch screen user control
• Low operating costs
• Low emissions
• Unique cleaner in feed and out feed operations.

Your One Stop Print Shop
the BN-20 Printer/Cutter

A very powerful, versatile, affordable and profit producing printing package.

only $7998

Your go to tool for the quick output & immediate needs.
You can even get white ink, silver and metallic options.

   • For a wide variety of jobs on a full range of media.
    • Easy to use for custom apparel.
   • Combine it with your t-shirt printing.

Polyprint's NEW Echo2

   Ideal for start ups and small business looking to scale up.

• Crisp detail and vivid colour
• Easy to use and maintain
• Quick ROI based on low costs
Your choices:
- Use DuPont Inks or Power Inks
- Switch CMYKW or 2xCMYK ink configurations
- Sealed or User refillable cartridges
- Pretreatment; P5001, P5003 for dark colour garments or Polycoating for light
- Platens for the garments to be printed
- DTG integration with screen printing

Kornit Micro Runs

   The rapid fashion life cycle has gone from short to shorter

   Seasonal changes are giving way to inter seasonal shifts just as trends and styles fracture into increasingly divers market segments. Consumers are visualizing personalized fashion. Pre and post production steps are getting integrated allowing a single ink type and single operator to meet those demands. Now, for example, a single Kornit Allegro lets the entire manufacturing process happen in one step. It essentially consolidates the entire textile industry into one machine”.

Cool White from International Coatings

   Cool White™ has the characteristics customers want from their white ink...

- viscosity, brightness, hand and print performance.
 • With a ‘flexible’ curing range, from a low 275°F (135°C) to a standard 325°F (163°C); you can use it with standard-cure inks as well.
 • A versatile ink that prints on multiple substrates, including heat sensitive synthetics.
 • Stretch testing after curing confirms no flaking or tearing as the ink has been fully cured and is durable.
 • It is an opaque low-bleed ink with great feel.


   Enhanced safety, sparkle & bling

• 155 °C, 10s
• medium/high pressure hot peel
•19.7" by 5 to 50 yard rolls
• Gold, Vintage Gold, Silver
   Black, White, Royal Blue
   Blue, Red, Pink
   Dark Green, Orange/Copper
   Neon Yellow


   Alba Pre DTG PreTreatment Spray
16 oz

   Alba adjustable nozzle Pre DTG Pre Treatment Spray for quick easy one or two unit production.


   Texisil Silicone Ink
White, 1 Kg

for direct textile printing.
 • For ready-to-wear or pre-cut articles.
 • Two-component inks, based on silicone polymers.
 • Excellent elasticity and flexibility.
 • No tack, excellent anti-foil effect.

Print Shop News

Just Installed

8 ft multi-spectrum LED Exposure Unit
   Unsurpassed performance with lower operating and maintenance costs for free time profit smiles.
LightSpeed Extra Large LED Exposure Unit

  • Multi-spectrum LED
      (Patent #8,803,109, 9669615, 10183481)
  • Focused Lights
  • Easy to use electronics
  • Power 120 Volt
  • Warranty: Lamps 5 Years
  • Recommended by Ulano™ as the best LED Exposure Unit on the market.

Sustainable Printing?

   Printing sustainability is a moving target complicating customer relations. On the surface, each environmental improvement offers new facts requiring validation.

   In our politically correct world, sustainability can be an item on the clients checklist. An item they are afraid to open up and drill down on. After all, it wasn't that long ago 'sustainability' meant a printers ability to produce the same quality run time after time in a profitable way. The improvements to environmentally sustainable printing come at us faster and faster. Understanding and evaluating, between fact and hype, is our printing industry's challenge.
   There will be environmentalist aware clients who come at the issue using words like 'climate change', 'renewable', 'recycle' or even 'fast fashion'. Each will be looking for confirmation that their goods contribute to improvements, from their perspective.
   Sustainability is a journey, where what has meaning to that customer is their best option for the road to now be travelled together.

The Blackest Black

   The impact of no colour can be breath taking in an unexpected way.

   A visitor viewing the new BMW coated in Vantablack (made from a pigment the uses tiny carbon nanotubes to absorb 99.965% of the light) reacted with... "It almost broke my brain. It has no reflection, no contours. Its like part of the world has been Photoshopped away. Stare at it long enough, and it feels like your soul has been sucked out of your eyeballs." 'The car itself appears two dimensional. Only details like tires, grill and windows offer visual clues to the true shape of the car...components simply seem to be floating in space'
   We first reported the Vantablack experience in Vol 104 of The Docket, in 'The Black Hole' article about a pavilion at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic. Similar reactions included; "darkest building on earth", 'almost impossible for the human eye to perceive the shape' and "It changes as you approach it. From far away you see it as a surface of blackness, it just looks like a void,"
   Black with 1% or less reflection presents a new and interesting end of the black use spectrum.

Screen Printing Fine Art

   Each handmade printing of fine art, done manually, one image at a time, is considered an

original work of art, not a reproduction. Each impression, of that art, prints a unique version. The labour creates its desired effect with the applications mix of ink colours, alignment and density making each an original work. Each created by manual application of squeegee to screen and ink to produce that visual and tactile offering.    Consumers often misunderstand the print numbering that identifies each unique impression. They see something like 4/25 and assume it to be better than or printed prior to 15/25. Reality however reveals that 4/25 was the fourth impression "signed" while the order they were printed in is unlikely the same. Acutally, for consumers of the art, it may very well be that the last impressions produced are of superior quality based on the result of what was learned and earned in printing the impressions before that last one.

Your Time Impact

   Time spent is gone, so spending it effectively is key. No one works alone, so clients, coworkers, suppliers all have a real impact. Effectiveness requires not undermining those relationships. An organization called Lifelabs Learning has studied unusually productive situations to bring focus on these 7 simple basic tools...

that balance time used and the involvement of others.
1. Tell Folks What You Are Doing
They will be able to understand and help if they know what drives you.
2. Maintain An Availability Schedule
Those around you need predictability and that they have access to you. You can set the regular time slot.
3. Confirm Times Identifying when you are available to them and when you are not, then do it.
4. Contribute
If you don't know how you are contributing, ask. If you can't contribute be somewhere else.
5. Share Whats On You Plate
When others know the impact of their request working together surfaces.
6. Discuss Trade Offs
When others want something, what are the options?
7. Build A Dynamic Work Flow
Use If-Then style options shared between those involved builds understanding and cooperation as opportunities pop up.

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