Newman Roller Frames

 Screen printing can be no better than the screen used allows, no matter how new, old, fast, or the cost of the other screen printing equipment used.

 The screen must be supported... flat and square.

 Reality is that even when supported the screen mesh flex changes as the squegee works the ink.

 Newman Roller Frames allow experienced printers to retensioning between print runs, and after reclaiming.

 Newman Roller Frames reduce stretch distortions and inconsistnecies. The larger the screen the greater the benefit.

 Retensionability allows a more constant screen tension than permanently glued screens.

 For the very best perfomance use quality mesh that:
   - works at higher tensions of 35+ Newtons/cm
   - is set on the frame at an even tension of ±2 Newton/cm

Note: Low quality, cheap mesh will not result in desirable printing. They easily stretch and snap as weak spots give or distort the mesh.

Murakami T Shirt Examples of Mesh Impact
Murakami Close Up of ordinary mesh versus quality mesh

Close up of E & H - one with ordinary mesh and other with quality mesh.

Newman Tension Meters

   Only Newman offers the best screen tension meter in the world, with all stainless steel hardened gears, shock-proof industrial grade internal gear movement and all jewel sapphire bearings. You get consistent readings every time again and again. Tension meters sold by others with brass and polished gears just do not have the long term accuracy or life.

Newman Textile Frames

Newman Textile Frames

Newman Graphics Frames with Screens

Newman Graphic Frames w/ Screens

Newman Torque Wrench

   Newman's aircraft grade torque wrench produces certified torque readings. The small head, with push button directional change, make one-handed adjustments easy. Calibration is with the gold plate on the ruberized handle to separate the foot pounds on the wrench body.